Blondes vs Brunettes: What’s Your Type?

Finding The Best Escorts in Town

Whether you lust after blondes or dream of brunettes, you’ll find the hottest babes in town at Agency Barracuda.

It’s the age old question – do men prefer blondes or brunettes? Whatever your dream woman looks like, the easiest way of bagging one of the most gorgeous women in London is to book an escort through Agency Barracuda. Regarded by many as the best escort agency in London, they have stunning blondes and brunettes in abundance.


Even since the days of Marilyn Monroe, blondes have been seen as more desirable. After all, as the saying goes, gentlemen prefer blondes. Even now, some of the most famous sex symbols in the world have blonde hair. So it’s no surprise that when asked to describe their dream woman, a lot of men say that they love girls with blonde hair. Whether your dream blonde is a sexy surfer chick or a prim and proper English rose, you’re in good company.


If it seems like brunettes are getting the short end of the stick here, don’t worry! While blondes have hogged the limelight for a long time, a recent study has shown that in reality, over half of men prefer brunettes. It’s not hard to see why. Sultry, mysterious and striking, there is just something about a dark-haired beauty that sets a man’s pulse racing. Whether they are pale and interesting or darker skinned and exotic, brunettes have just as much fun as blondes!

Hiring an escort

When you hire an escort for the evening, you will be able to take your pick from the most stunning blondes and brunettes in London. So if you haven’t yet figured out your preference, you can have plenty of fun deciding on your favourite kind of woman! The ladies at an elite agency like Agency Barracuda have been chosen for their gorgeous good looks and knockout figures, and are just as gorgeous in the flesh as they appear online.

The perfect option for busy men

Escorts are the perfect option for men who want to date when and where it suits them. When you hire an escort, you name the time and place and she will be there. So whether you want to enjoy dinner at one of the best restaurants in London or head straight to the bedroom, she’ll be happy to go along with your plans. There is also no pressure to commit when you hire escorts, as every appointment is totally no strings attached.

Book with a top agency

If you are going to spend the evening with an escort, then it is important to book with a great agency. Agency Barracuda are regarded as one of the best escort agencies in London by many gentleman, and it’s no hard to see why. Providing a discreet, sensual service that’s built around a client’s unique needs, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to your pleasure and satisfaction.

Treat yourself!

Now that you know where to find the hottest blondes and brunettes in town, you can treat yourself to a night to remember. If blondes and brunettes aren’t for you and you happen to adore black haired girls and redheads then don’t worry – you’re sure to find plenty of those at Agency Barracuda too!

Romantic Gestures To Please Your Escort

Make a Great Impression in London Tonight

Want to wow your escort tonight? Then be sure to follow our advice and reap the rewards of your efforts later!

Looking for the best busty escorts in London? Then head to Agency Barracuda! This leading London escort agency are the number one destination for discreet, no-strings encounters in the capital. Here’s how to really impress one of their curvy temptresses during your time together.

Dinner for two

As far as romantic gestures go, booking a table for two at one of the best restaurants in London is a pretty fail-safe mood. There are few things that set the mood better than good food, good wine, and good company. So as soon as you have booked your escort, think of a restaurant that you have always wanted to visit and snap up a table! You don’t have to spend lots of money, as there are plenty of great budget friendly restaurants in the capital.

Be a gentleman

You’ll really impress your escort by treating her like a lady. You’d think that this would be obvious, but it’s surprising how many men forget to act like gentlemen. From the very start of your appointment, show your escort that you really are the perfect date. Hold doors open for her, tell her she looks beautiful, and be polite throughout your time together. This will mark you out as a great client.

A night in a hotel

Splashing out on booking a night in a five star hotel is a move that is sure to impress your escort. In the privacy of your hotel room, you will be able to get to know your escort on a very personal, intimate level. Of course, a high-class escort will provide an incredible service whatever the setting, but there’s just something about a sumptuous hotel room that helps to bring out the sensual side in a woman…

Dress to impress

Be sure to dress to impress for your escort appointment. You may not think that how you are dressed will play a big part in how your evening goes but being well turned out really will make a good impression on your escort. So have a shower, spritz on some aftershave, and get dressed up for the occasion! You don’t have to don a full three-piece suit – unless the occasion calls for it – a smart casual look is fine.

Include your escort

Last but not least – ask your escort what she likes. So often a client will dictate the entire appointment – and that’s fine! However, showing a little courtesy and asking your escort where she’d like to eat or go for a drink, or seeing what she likes in the bedroom, will show her that you really are a gentleman. If you are both bringing your desires to your appointment, then that will lead to much better chemistry too.

Book your Babe without delay

Now you know how to wow your escort, why not book an appointment with Agency Barracuda today? One of their busty babes will be delighted to keep you company during a fun-filled evening in the capital and will help you bring all of your wildest fantasies to life. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone today!

Sex Talk Tips for Couples

So….he bites your ear during sex. You hate it, don’t find it remotely sexy, but you have been silent for so long and don’t know how to make it stop. Or, she’s always looking for the shortest route to get you aroused so you can ejaculate. Or, he wants more dirty talk and you have no idea what that is supposed to look or sound like. Any of these train wrecks sound familiar?

Perhaps, you find your current sex life to be working for you and your partner’s sexual needs, it’s comfortable. It’s good sex. Yet, sometimes you find yourself wondering if “there could be more?” The answer is of course!

Good sex is chemistry, opportunity, technique and all that magic. But great sex is feedback, feedback and yeah, more feedback. So what is bedroom talk and how do we vocalize our needs and desires?

To help you address your fears and (hopefully!) encourage you to feel more comfortable finding your voice, here are some tips you can use when you decide to embark on some auditory adventures.

Know what you want

Before telling your partner what you want, visualize what your perfect sexual encounters look like.

Ask yourself a few questions:

how do I like to be touched? How do I like to be kissed? What turns me on? Do I like toys? Which toys? Are there sexual scenarios that turn me on more than others?

Ask yourself questions about your partner: what are they currently doing that you really like?

How do you want them to behave that can make you more receptive to letting go and enjoying yourself?

What would you like them to do better?

The key to this tip is: knowledge is power. Be attuned to yourself before you start trying to give another person instructions.

Timing is King, Location it’s Queen
The best way to explain this is ‘Pre-Auditory Adventures’ and ‘Post-Auditory Adventures’.

Your first goal when you begin this journey of openness is to talk about bedroom activities outside the bedroom.

Be comfortable, ensure your partner is also comfortable. When communicating your sexual needs and interests, the rule of the thumb is to avoid bringing it up during already
heated moments.

Try and choose an opportune moment where you have the luxury of time like when you’re cooking.

Post-Auditory Adventures is all about fine-tuning the communication channels. You have already created an easy and fun environment for feedback, and your partner is often receptive to your needs. Post-sex pillow talk is a great opportunity to talk about what you both liked and disliked about the sex you just had.

Comment on how much you just enjoyed the sex, compliment your partner on what you liked about it, ask them what they liked about it and what they would want to experience next time, and then, and only then, do you tell them what you did not like about your sexy time. Glass half-full people!

The key with this tip is: zero distractions, zero judgments and 100% positive vibes.

Why you should consider losing weight for a better sex life

Extreme weight loss will come with some health perks: reduced risks for certain cancers, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. You’ll have improved cognitive scores, sleep better and have fewer joint pains. Yet the shakeup that comes in the bedroom will appear bigger than these physical changes. Why?

Self-Esteem boost
Losing weight will help you get over a lot of fears you’ve had for a very long time. You’ll find that you’re no longer scared to be naked around your partner and that in turn, makes you more adventurous in bed.

Increased sensitivity to touch (in a good way) As your body tones up, you may notice that the sensual feel of my partner’s touch becomes more softer, gentler, magnified – yum. Another thing, if you’re having a party of one, excess skin and fat can get in the way.

Those layers can be in the way of your genitals making it difficult for overweight people to masturbate.

An increased repertoire of sex positions
Shedding a lot of weight makes it physically easier to try different sex positions. You have more mobility and flexibility.

This switch-up can really help women find out what stimulates them so they can orgasm.

Plus, it keeps things sizzling in the bedroom, which is fantastic for both partners.

The big O is easier
Let’s face it, irrespective of their weight many women have a tough time reaching the finish line.

Slimming down helps hike up blood flow, which in turn lubricates the vagina and also increases sensitivity in the area, making orgasm more attainable. So, not only does it become easier – you orgasm faster and better.

On the other hand, men who exercise have better erectile and sexual function. In both men and women, weight loss increases your stamina and energy levels. Zero blue pills and zero hyperventilating – win!

Healthy Intimacy takes time

You probably used your weight as an instant screening process – if they wanted to be close to you they really meant it.

Now you have a totally different body and you’re not confident about the screening rules that worked for you before!

Getting comfortable with sex and your new body might mean taking it slow at first. Go at a pace that is comfortable for you and consistently articulate your needs and hesitations.

Sagging skin
If you lose a lot of weight and at an extreme rate, as in the case of weight loss surgery, you may find yourself with loose hanging skin.

Depending on the amount of sagging skin you get (it varies for everyone) and how you feel about it (some choose to just embrace it), there are several ways to handle it: therapy, lingerie or surgery.
Behavioral therapy can help sort out body image issues, skin surgery will remove some sag; or invest in great lingerie to cover those particular areas of the body.

Feeling sexy and being sexy is more than a number on a scale – feeling good on the inside is a crucial part of the equation.

Weight loss is not a magic pill
Weight Loss is a good step towards solving your sex problems but it’s s not a cure-all for bedroom blahs. It’s like shedding skin but that does not change the person you are inside.

So if you weren’t into sex or your partner before/after you gained weight, your sex drive will likely still below after you lose it and your attraction to them will still be negligible.

Cunnilingus Kings

First of all, I want to thank all the guys out there who give it their all during oral sex. The men who enjoy going down on us as much as we enjoy receiving it. The men whose masculinity is reaffirmed when we are blissed out, panting and doe-eyed, looking at you like you’re an absolute rock-star.

Thank you.

That said, there are a few of you out there who could use a little help in getting us there. Allow us to point out the ways in which you are falling short, and offer some tips to help you do it better.

Deep drilling
I feel it’s necessary to preface this by saying the most sensitive areas are right at the vaginal entrance and not inside it. The clitoris contains 8,000 delicious nerves endings and with a flatter, a wider stroke of your tongue, she will be … right there.

Sure, there are some women, who love deep penetration with the tongue, but most girls don’t feel anything. By the way, even if your partner assures you that she likes this trick, you should still start only when she’s excited enough.

Positions, Positions, Positions
Cunnilingus is about all of us, but it’s mostly about just us. Makes sense? No?! Let me explain.

Find out what position is comfortable for us. Maybe we can’t stretch our legs too much, so when you’re between our legs, spread them with your hands.

Oh, and don’t ask us to sit on your face (unless we’ve been together for a while and we’ve reached that level of comfort with you).

Like, why wouldn’t you want a vagina spoon fed to you while you lay back and relax?!

Slow Down
Too much effort will get you nowhere. Our clits are not lollipops. Moreover, working too hard will make you get tired quickly and lose interest in the process.

Light, but energetic movements of the tip of the tongue will give a more pleasant result.

Not to say that there are ladies who prefer extreme oral stimulation, for example, biting the labia or slapping the clitoris. However, they also need time to warm up.

Hands allowed, obviously.
Yes, special tongue techniques are important. However, your hands are equally important. Use your hands to get to spots your tongue can’t reach.

Stimulate the vaginal entrance or the G-spot with the fingers of the right hand. But get your hands involved only after you work with your tongue for some time.

Warning: We’re not asking for wizard levels of dark vagina magic.

Now is not the time to experiment with how many fingers you can get in there.

Pay attention to feedback
Vaginas are complicated. We know this, and we know you have a mountain to master. Women will use their bodies to help guide you—and we’ll be straightforward about it.

An arched back, clenched legs against your head and pulling back, are pretty telling. Our bodies will tell you what we want. And if it’s still a mystery to you, a simple, “tell me what you like” will go a long way.
Keep calm and lick on my friends.

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